Namerind Housing Corporation is committed to supporting the community by providing those in need with affordable housing and services and prioritizing environmental sustainability.

Namerind Housing maintains a retail mall and pharmacy in moving towards financial self-sustainability and is involved in various projects and initiatives, including:  The Plan to End Homelessness, Sober Living programs and Environmental Stewardship. One hundred percent of profits from all projects and partnerships are reinvested into affordable housing in Regina.


To provide safe, affordable, quality housing and economic development opportunities for Indigenous People.


Namerind Housing provides Property Management services to tenants, as well as snow removal and groundskeeping and bed bug eradication services to the general public.

Tenant support services include resources and counselling for tenants in need on a variety of subjects, particularly focused on maintaining lifestyles for individuals and families.  Tenant appreciation is a strong focus and events are held during summer and to celebrate certain holidays.


Street Culture Project is a non-profit charitable organization that works to empower vulnerable youth within the community, utilizing social entrepreneurship, positive role-modeling, community resources, positive social activities, education-based programming and life-skills training.

Street Advocacy Workers Project

Street Advocacy Workers Project (SWAP) provides drop-in services and resources for those in need of support in the areas of alcohol/drug abuse, youth at risk, street prostitution, sexual exploitation, crisis and court support, finding housing, counselling, transportation and many more.

Please visit Namerind Housing Corporation’s website for further information.