The Lloydminster Metis Housing Group is a non-profit housing provider that owns, operates and delivers affordable housing to people of Indigenous heritage with moderate income who cannot afford housing in the private market.

The Lloydminster Métis Housing Group Inc. (LMHG) was incorporated in 1977 and serves the Métis community within the City of Lloydminster by providing affordable housing to those who need it most. The portfolio currently consists of 138 units: 111 single family dwellings and semi-detached homes, 1 secondary suite, and 16 apartments for seniors, an affordable 6-unit apartment and a 4-plex for persons who have experienced homelessness.

“There will always be people who suffer from addictions, abuse, and or mental illness. For some, these issues affect their ability to hold employment, gain education and they are frequently alienated from family. Many of these individuals are of Indigenous ancestry. These individuals find it very difficult to rent on the “market”.  They have very poor rental experiences, and fail to thrive. We have been doing good work, and have had a lot of success. We are here, with over 40 years of experience and expertise in delivering affordable rental programs. We simply need more resources to continue doing this good work. “


Lloydminster Métis Housing Group Inc. is a fun, tenant-oriented, Métis Housing business that is proud and committed to providing affordable and well maintained homes for Métis people.


Tenant relations officers are available to assist tenants with transportation to important appointments and will accompany tenants to appointments as needed, will act as their advocate when required and assist tenants with filing income tax, applying for benefits and so on.


Lloydminster Metis Housing Group Inc. is a Community Partner with The Olive Tree.  We are one of the Olive Tree’s food distribution locations.  All tenants benefit from access to free food.

Please visit Lloydminster Métis Housing Group Inc.’s website for further information.