Privacy Policy

NPHPS (Network of Non-Profit Housing Providers Saskatchewan) is the non-profit sector representation of housing providers and organizations in Saskatchewan, providing support through advocacy and partnerships to keep housing affordable in the province.


Protection of Personal Information

NPHPS (Network of Non-Profit Housing Providers Saskatchewan) does not collect personal information outside of what is submitted to us via contact form or membership application and confirmation.

The types of personal information that may be submitted via contact form include: names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

The types of personal information that may be submitted via membership application include: names, addresses, phone numbers, corporation names, corporation addresses and phone numbers.

NPHPS collects no information unless it is submitted.  Information submitted to NPHPS through contact form or membership application allows NPHPS to contact those individuals by e-mail or phone to inform them of issues, events, responses to their applications or anything else of relevant interest to them or their membership.

By applying or contacting NPHPS with this information, you give permission to NPHPS to contact you by method of information provided.


Membership Fees

NPHPS does not collect payment information electronically.  Member organizations of NPHPS negotiate payment arrangements after membership confirmation and membership payments are accepted via cheque or bank transfer.


NPHPS Web Protocol

NPHPS maintains an online presence in order to have information available to the public, members and potential members about the benefits of membership, news, updates and resources for non-profit housing organizations.

The NPHPS website includes links to other websites on various articles and resources concerning housing and non-profit activities and statistics.  NPHPS is not accountable for other websites privacy policies and conduct, and recommend practicing caution and awareness on the internet when it comes to browsing and providing personal information.