Board Members

Sandra Brown


Born and raised in Saskatchewan, Sandra Brown is a proud Metis woman.
As the president of NPHPS, Sandra was instrumental in the creation and founding of the association.
She has served as the manager of Lloydminster Metis Housing Group for 11 years and has served on many other boards, including:

The National Aboriginal Housing Association Board
Governor General’s Commission on the Status of Children
Lloydminster Public School Board Aboriginal Student Advisory Committee
SHC’s Tri-partite Committee
SHC’s Metis Trust Committee
Service Canada’s HPS Aboriginal Rural and Remote Regional Advisory Boards
Metis Urban Housing Association of Saskatchewan (President)


Brian Howell


Brian Howell is a Social Worker and has been Manager of River Bank Development Corporation since 2001.
Under his direction,  River Bank Development has been representative of affordable housing as a builder, buyer, renovator and property manager of 100 units, projects including providing homes for families receiving crisis or life-skills assistance in Prince Albert.
River Bank also fills the role of Community Entity for Prince Albert and is responsible for working with the local Community Advisory Board to manage the Government of Canada’s Reaching Home program, which funds activities dedicated to making progress on the challenge of ending homelessness.  Riverbank Development is committed to continued work and negotiation with partners, the Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan and local organizations, Native Co-ordinating Council, Family Futures and KidsFirst.

Linda Boyer