Prince Albert

CMHA is a national network of 135 individual branches in communities across Canada, dedicated to the promotion of the mental health of ALL people.  Ensuring the provision and sustainability of the broadest spectrum of quality services, and programs for people experiencing mental health issues.

All CMHA Prince Albert Branch programs and services that interact with our community, create advocacy by focusing on reducing stigma regarding mental illnesses.

Restoring mental health in what is seen by many to be an increasingly fractured world will only be achieved through community conversations, continuing education, building awareness, and working together to reduce the myths and stigma or negative attitudes towards the words “mental illness”. 


Our Vision: 

Mentally Healthy People in a Healthy Society

Our Goal: 

Provide Advocacy, Education, Awareness, Programs & Services

Our Hope:   

Work within communities, achieving our goals through Fundraising, Sponsorships & Volunteerism


At CMHA Prince Albert Branch; by partnering with the Federal Government, Provincial Government and City of Prince Albert, and through building a strong working relationship with CMHA’s financial institution; CMHA continues to strive to make a direct impact through safe, affordable housing for people in our community that live with ongoing mental health issues.


Through the Prince Albert Branch, both people and professionals can access Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training, Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) and SafeTALK.  All of these are communication workshops designed to teach people how to talk to someone experiencing a mental health crisis.  To date, the Prince Albert branch has trained over 1000 people in ASIST and over 1,700 people in Mental Health First Aid throughout Prince Albert and surrounding communities.


Our Branch has formed a partnership with the Schizophrenia Society of Saskatchewan to help participate in presentations to secondary and post-secondary students in our community, and to additional community groups within our region.

As well, our branch was instrumental in creating a Support Group for the Prince Albert region focusing on providing resources and support for family members, and caregivers of people living with mental illnesses.  The group has been running now for over 5 years.

Focus On Hunger

The CMHA Prince Albert Branch’s Affordable Meal program. A partnership with First Nations University of Canada, is the first of its kind within our community. This innovative program delivers affordable lunches to First Nations University of Canada’s students on a regular basis.

In-House Services

Our branch offers Vocation programming; Education programs; Recreation program; Affordable Meal Program; Community Kitchen; Drop In Centre and Social Committee.

Community Programs

The First Nations Affordable Meal Program was created through a partnership with First Nations University, to ensure the students of our future can focus on their learning experience without worrying about lunches at school.  Quite often a student will sacrifice their nutrition because other demands take precedent.  By providing nutritious affordable meals, the student can focus on studies, day care, transportation and home life after school. This program has been a success for the past 2 years serving nutritious meals Monday through Thursday following their semester system.

Vocation Programs

Those wishing to learn job skills and earn a small honorarium are encouraged to choose one or more program opportunities.  Once an agreement is made, an individual work schedule is created based on the individual’s interests, strengths, skills, abilities and availability. 

Please visit CMHA’s website for more details on a full range of arts, educational, recreational, community-based programs and more.


Education Partners include:

First Nations University

Saskatchewan Polytechnic CCA Program

University of Saskatchewan Nursing Program

We provide unique practicum opportunities for students learning to communicate with people with complex needs.

Please visit CMHA Prince Albert’s website for further information.