What is NPHPS ?

Founded in 2016, NPHPS (The Network of Non-Profit Housing Providers Saskatchewan) is the youngest non-profit housing association in Canada.


What do we offer ?

Sustainable rates on:

Property Insurance
Group Health Benefits
Electric & Plumbing Supply
Natural Gas
Office Supplies

Advocacy & Privileges:

Lobbying & Negotiation
Six months notice for rent increases


Involvement in National Issues

NPHPS is affiliated with projects and programs to better our communities, resolve problems, and support our organizations collaborating on various causes while providing quality affordable housing and services in the province of Saskatchewan.

The Network of Non-Profit Housing Providers of Saskatchewan is a member of the Canadian Housing & Renewal Association (CHRA), the CHRA Aboriginal Caucus, the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness (CEAH), and the Canadian Alliance of Non-Profit Housing Associations (CANPHA). The benefits of being involved with these organizations include: networking opportunities, educational benefits and a national voice.



Membership organizations of NPHPS have decades of experience in non-profit affordable housing and front-line service delivery and have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and issues that come with non-profit and affordable housing.

Member organizations have specialties in various affordable housing projects aimed towards specific age groups and needs, such as:

Cultural Training & Awareness
Life Skills
Mental health
Acquired Brain Injury
Those at risk of homelessness
At-risk youth and young aduts
Rehabilitation & private care
Elder care & more

Applications for membership can be submitted by mail or email.  Visit our membership page to apply.